Things To Know Abour WannaCry Ransomware Cyber Attack

In the middle of the year 2017, a word "Ransomware" has forced the whole world to think and think about it. You might get idea from the word that it may be focus on some technology or something like that but beware of it, it is a part of technology but its harmful for your Computer.
You may have already heard something about WannaCry ransomware or may be wondering what is going on why the whole world is taking about ransomware. You should make sure that whether your personal and important data is safe in your computer or not.

This is the biggest cyber attack of the year 2017. Hackers can get control of your computer and can delete your important files too. They are asking for money and in return they will not affect your important data.

Techies around the world are finding the way to prevent this type of cyber attack but ransomware has already targeted over 200,000 computers around 150 countries. Many countries like India has issued red alert about WannaCry in an advisory.

Things to know abour WannaCry Ransomware

  •  WannaCry ransomware is a program that targets Microsoft's Windows OS. It is a kind of cyber attack where hackers can take control of your system and will not allow you to access your data until you give them money.
  • WannaCry ransomware has already affected computers in 150 countries on Friday. 
  • The hackers demanded payment of $300 to $600 which were to be paid using Bitcoins. The British NHS, FedEx, Telefonica and others were among the targets.
  • CERT, India's digital security agency, has issued a red alert and advised users and organisations to apply patches to Windows. It added WannaCry was targeting common file extensions such as PPT, DOC, and TIFF along with media files as MP4 and MKV.
  • The attack has crippled more than 200,000 computers, and struck banks, hospital, and government agencies. All this took place over the weekend. The number of affected users is expected to grow. 
  • In India, computers at Andhra Pradesh's police departments were hacked. Computers in 18 police units in Chittoor, Krishna, Guntur, Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts were affected.
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