Facebook's New 'Discover People' feature

A social media giant Facebook updating its platform to connect the people all over the world in a different ways. Facebook recently rolled out one security feature that user can protect their account with physical key. Recently Facebook has rolled out new feature named Discover People which will connect users who are working at same company or going to the same event.

Before discovering people with this feature, users will have to update their profile to see who are likely to attend with focus on people who share the same city or employer. The main advantage of the new Discover People is that it recommends users who are not friends right now. New Discover People feature can be used by the companies for their business networking or for dating on social network. Facebook already rolled out this feature on Android and iOS but yet to be rolled out for all.

User can find Discover People feature under navigation section below options such as Friends, Events, Groups and Nearby Place. Facebook tested a feature on its app pointed nearest free Wi-Fi on a map and was listed under navigation section but was available for small number of mobile app users.
facebook's new discover people feature
In the Discover People section, it will list the events for which they show interest or plan to attend. It will display a list of events with the heading "People going to "Event Name" and tapping on these it will display profiles of people. It will show only public information in the Discover People section.
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