Secure Your Facebook Account With Physical Security Key

A social media giant Facebook has introduced another update for its users. This time company made an update regarding to security of an account. Users can now secure Facebook account with physical security key. Facebook introduced security key for two factor authentication while logging on to the website. Facebook will support FIDO USF security key, a physical key, that is plugged in a USB port on a computer to confirm login with the password.Facebook security team said that the key will make accounts more secure from hackers. They added that how codes sent over text message are not always reliable.
secure facebook account with key
Facebook Security Key
Currently Security keys for Facebook work with limited web browsers and mobile devices. So you should also register an additional login method, such as your mobile or Code Generator. If you want to add security key to your Facebook account, you need to update to latest version of Google Chrome or Opera. Facebook mobile app will not support security key login at this time but if you have an NFC capable Android device with latest Chrome and Google Authenticator installed, you can use NFC capable key to log in from mobile website.

Physical security key will definitely help you to secure your Facebook account. Security key for two factor authentication will benefit you as below :

  • Login will be very fast and simple on desktop, you just tap on the key after you enter password.
  • Your login will be more secure to phishing attacks as you do not enter a code yourself, instead the hardware providing cryptographic proof.
  • Security key which supports U2F will not just work for Facebook but it also support online account of Google, GitHub, Dropbox and many more.
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