Google Allows You To Search Without Internet Connection

A tech giant Google will now allow smartphone users to "search" on google without internet connection in the phone. Google's brilliant engineers can not defeat the laws of physics and will return the search from the web when there is no data connection on phone. As a result to this Google app will now make the search for offline users too. The app will queue the search by users and will return the result when the phone connects to internet.
google search without internet
Google's Shekhar Sharad said that Mobile networks can be inconsistent that means even if you have a connection it might fail before you get result of your search back. He added that with this change, search results are saved as soon as they retrieved whether you lose service or may go into airplane mode. So no need to worry if you lose service, just queue up your searches and do your work. Google app will work for you and when a connection is available again it will deliver your search result once completed.

This is not a 100% perfect solution to the internet connectivity problems that people face in countries like India. This will make google search slightly convenient on smartphones. This feature is only available on Google Search app for Android. User have to update the app to get this feature on their smartphones.

Google, a tech giant company, is working lot to improve the offline features in its apps. Recently Google has rolled out feature of YouTube which will allow users to download videos temporarily. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, said that offline YouTube feature was created keeping Indian users in mind. But then company rolled out in other regions after getting positive feedback.
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