IBM : Mind Reading Machine

IBM : A Mind Reading Machine "5 in 5"

IBM mind reading machine

Now a days technology has made our life so comfortable and easy. After some year you will be able to do your work by just thinking in your mind and computer will do that work for you. It's hard to believe but that is the vision for IBM "5 in 5" forecast. Having predict 5 technologies that can change our life in coming years. 

Among that 5 predictions , one is to read a human mind and use our mind to operate machines. Yes you can operate machine by your mind. This envision is using brain-machine interface (BMI) which can decode different  kinds of brainwaves and gives a command  to computer to do certain task. The brain-machine interface will look as shown in above image. 

IBM scientists are researching that how to link your brain to your device(Computer or smart phone). IBM gave an example that by just thinking to call someone in your mind can detect by BMI to call that person or thinking to move cursor here and there on your computer screen. 

IBM also forecast that the biological makeup will become the key to identify person. Retina scans of recognition of faces or voice used to confirm who people are instead of typing passwords. 

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