How to use Google Cloud Connect With Microsoft Office?


The world is moving towards the advancement of Computer Technology. Cloud Computing is the best example of this advancement. Cloud Computing is an enormous leap of the technology to the mankind which is easily understandable and has simple layman that even a simple user can understand who doesn't have prior knowledge of Computers or Cloud.

With the help of Cloud Computing, the file or your documents is stored on a Cloud (A virtual place i.e. Server) and it can be accessed  anywhere around the world by you or the authorized users.

The Google Cloud Connect is the Cloud App for this purpose only. Google Cloud Connect is the Cloud app that integrates with Microsoft Office at your local PC-laptop. Google Connect takes this document to cloud and you can access it from anywhere using your Google Account.

This app is installed by installing a cloud connect plug-in software on Microsoft Windows and running it. Once it is installed all the existing data on the system can be integrated with Google apps and can be stored on the cloud.The basic file-type that is supported by this app is simple word,excel and presentation docs i.e. (.doc, .xls, .ppt).

Google Cloud Connect supports Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.

How does Google Cloud Connect work?

The apps works in the following scenario. User A creates a doc file with a name 1.doc. This doc get uploaded to the Cloud immediately  through your Google account. User B which is an authorized user, opens the file who is at different location. Both the User edits the file at the same time which is at the Cloud. At the end all the changes made by the user are saved.

This makes it possible for the users, at different locations, to work simultaneously on the same file without any hindrance.

How to Setup your Cloud Connect Plugin with Microsoft Office?

Follow these simple steps and you can use Google Cloud Connect.

Step 1:- Download Google Connect Plugin for Microsoft Office.

Step 2:- Open Microsoft Word. or Presentation file or Excel file. Cloud Connect will automatically gets on the header of the page


Step 3:- Click on Google Cloud Connect > Google Cloud Connect Settings.


Step 4:- Login with your Gmail Credentials. 

NOTE:- Here you will be asked to Grant Access to your docs. Just Click on Grant Access.

Step 5:- You are completed. Just start editing your file and you save it. You will find the same copy of your file in your Google Documents.

There are certain Things to understand in this apps and that's the Synchronization of the documents. Google Cloud Connect provides the facility of Automatic as well as Manual Synch of your documents.
If you select an option of Automatic Synchronization, your docs will be automatically synchronized as soon as you save them. That means the copy of the documents you have right now at your desktop, there will be exactly the same copy at the Cloud. 

And If you do not want to choose the automatic synchronization, you can select the Manual option which provides user with a choice as to when he/she wants to synchronize the document. If you have chosen the Manual Option, you have to push the Sync button to synchronize your doc.

How to open your Google docs in Microsoft Office?

If you have a Document stored at the Cloud and you are an authorized user to access it, you can open that file inside Microsoft office which is installed locally at your computer.

To do this Just Click on Google Cloud Connect header (that is above the doc) and Click on Open from Google Docs.


Select the file you want to work on and just start editing.

How to disable the Google Cloud Connect Plugin?

If you want to disable the Google Cloud Connect Plugin from your documents or some of the files you surely do that.

Step 1:- Open your document in which you want to disable the plugin.

Step 2:- Go to File Options and then select Options.

Step 3:- In the Option Menu, See on the left Side Menu at the second last option, Add-ins. Click on Add-ins.
Step 4:- Move down. Click on Manage Add-ins. Choose the option COM Add-ins.


Step 5:- Uncheck the Google Cloud Connect and press OK.


That's it, you can thus disable the Google Cloud Connect plugin in your docs. if you want to enable it again. just follow the above 4 steps and at last Click on the Check button for Google Cloud Connect and Click OK.

This is all about the Google Cloud Connect Plugin. This is one of the simplest and the best tool using the advanced Cloud Computing Technology.

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