How to use anyone's face as Facebook chat emotions

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Facebook emotions in chat are now no longer restricted to just old and simple smileys. They have now moved on to the next step with Facebook profile pic in chat emotions. You can use Facebook profile pictures of any user into you chat with friends. Yes, of any user. You can use Chuck Norris, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama or anyone else.

This is the best and better way to express your emotions in another way around.
So let's see how to do this. This is very simple and easy task, just follow these steps and you will be accustomed to it.

Just open chat in Facebook.Write the username of the profile in double square brackets [[ usr_name ]].
For ex. for Vin Diesel, you have to write [[VinDiesel]].
You can also simply copy URL of the profile into the square brackets  like "[[]]" (that's mine.)
or simply the user-id of the user like "[[45197362282]]".



These custom chats emotions can be send via web chat or mobile. They are displayed as picture in a web chat and they appear as bracketed string in Facebook app or in mobile. They also appear to small but sort of OK. 

You can't use them in Status Updates, Comments or wall posts yet. Also you cant use communities not owned by anyone or having Wikipedia entry.

In regards of privacy, technically usernames are visible to everyone and there will be no issues to your privacy. So don't worry about the privacy issues. You can also see how you can protect your Facebook account.

Here’s a few ideas for people and Pages you could use as emoticons. Just copy the bracketed text at the end. Have ideas for more? Leave them in the comments and I’ll add the best ones to our list:
  • Badass – (Chuck Norris) [[46637413257]]
  • Eloquence - [[WilliamShakespeare1]]
  • Adventure, auto theft – [[VinDiesel]]
  • Brilliance, controversial brilliance – [[Zuck]]
  • Loudmouth - [[theuncrunched]]
  • Greed - [[DonaldTrump]]
  • Drunk – (David Hasselhoff) [[123670240998921]]
  • Santa Claus - [[TheMagicOfSantaClaus]]
  • Pirate - [[CaptainJackSparrow]]
  • President, leadership - [[barackobama]]
  • Bro - [[DJPAULYD]]
  • Male attractiveness - (Ryan Gosling) [[246631252031491]]
  • Disapproval – Fry from Futurama [[[278104690058]]
  • Boyishness –  [[JustinBieber]]
  • Relaxation - [[BobMarley]]
  • Condescension, judgment - [[simoncowell]]
  • Terrible art - [[Nickelback]]
  • Winning – [[CharlieSheen]]
All the best.

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