Google gifts "Let it snow"

Google let it snow

In another surprising trick just like barrel roll, Google unleashes the Christmas gift to it users. This time it plays around your search with snow. This can be the perfect gift for winter as well as Christmas to its users.

To feel the snow-fall in your screen and see your monitor go moist, all you have to do is to follow simple two steps and they are really simple

Step 1:- Go to

Step 2:- Type "Let it snow" .(without the quotes.)

And that's it you are done. See the magic happening in your monitor-screen. You can skate with your mouse and if you want to start it all over again just type defrost and and enjoy the show again.

Google surprises its users with these really amazing tricks. The world was so astonished to see the barrel roll and now the Christmas gift is the snow dust on your screen.
You can also enjoy the video of Google's let it snow here.

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