Gmail integration with Google+

Google regularly make some changes in its products. One of its well known product is Google+.  Google+ is good in look as well as in use. Now if you have Google+ then you get some benefits. 

Recently Gmail integration with Google+ has been done. i.e. In your Gmail account you will get some good  features which i mention below. These features shows if Gmail is integrated with Google+ .

Circles and Posts

If you receive a mail from a person who has Google+ account then you can add him/her to a circle . Also the people widget will give you the latest Google+ posts from the sender.

Share directly

When you get the email with images and also while viewing as well as downloading , you can easily share it  to Google+ . This can be done directly from your inbox and its a straight and direct process. You can share photos and those photos can viewed by your circles only or even public as per your privacy settings.

Mail Filtering

In the navigation pane, circles of you will be show as labels. From there, you are allowed to choose to message received from individual friends in particular circle. In addition in your inbox you can configure circle names on emails.

So if you don't use Google+ yet then log in on it and start to get  the experience of this incredible product.    

After Google made some changes to Google+ , it has attracted many users towards it and people are now widely using it as it integrates directly with the Gmail. If you want to share something new about Google+ then start commenting.
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