Will India's $35 Akash Tablet survive the Competition?

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A few months ago Indian Government and a British Company Datawind came up with a cheapest tablet in India pricing it just $35 and the same tablet for $10 for students. The name of the tablet is "Akash" means "SKY". This news created a notable fuss in the Tech market.

The features and specifications are also notable and amazing with respect to its price. The so called tablet which can prove useful in developing nations like India which ranks in 4th in Top Internet usage countries. 

This tablet has a 7-inch touchscreen panel with rugged casing giving you rubberized feeling and 800x480 pixel resolution. Moreover it runs an Android 2.2 Froyo version. Also has a wife-connectivity and 256MB RAM with 2GB storage which can be expanded to 32GB.

There are also some more features in this tablet but the point that matters is in this increasing competition of the tablet market will this tablet survive amongst the giants which can prove fatal for this tablet?

With Apple iPad2 and Amazon kindle running in its competition though not may be in price which surely cannot match the price of the Akash tablet. The Akash tablet has promising future in India but when it comes to take it market to the different countries especially to the west, the tablet may suffer a huge competition.

Though the tablet making company claims that more than 3 lac pre orders have been placed on their official website. The Indian Government all also been preparing to launch the second version of the tablet after its initial release. The second version which is believed to have more features than the first one with increased RAM to 1GB and storage to up to 64 GB. Also the Android version 4 the Ice-cream Sandwich. 

Also another achievement to the tablet that Intel and IBM has also wants to collaborate with Government of India on work for this tablet without touching its price. That means, though the features may go up. But the price will remain the same as $35 for general public and $10 for the students.

The main point where the discussion goes to the competition that this tablet will suffers from other tablets. What I believe is that after its launch that will be near the end of December in India, this tablet will give a huge threat to the other Market player in tablet manufacturing. As being affordable this tablet can easily be used by anyone.

Thus let us see for the promising future of the Akash tablet,whether it touches its sky and make a better competitor to Apple and Amazon.
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