Trace IP Address Via Yahoo Messenger

Trace IP Address Via Yahoo Instant Messages

Everyone has a address proof in this world. So you can find a person at particular location. Same as every Computer has its personal IP address. Every machine connected to Internet have an IP(Internet protocol). It is used to transfer packets on the Internet. All the Computers having two addresses one in logical (IP) and second is Physical address. 

Now a days thousands of people are addicted to Internet. All the things in this world have two cases one is positive use and negative use. Same things happen while using Internet. You can find all the information you needed via Internet. 

Yahoo messenger is the popular way for doing chat across the world. People can meet and talk to the friends all over the world. They also can make video call on yahoo messenger. There may be chances of fraud on yahoo messenger. So if you want to find the location of person with whom you are doing chat you have to trace IP address of that person. 

To trace the IP address many software are available. But if you want to find manually IP address you can do it. But we can not know weather the IP address is real or proxy but at least we trace the IP address connected to yahoo messenger.

This is the manual process to trace IP via yahoo instant message. First of open the command prompt via run cmd command.

Now login to Yahoo Messenger and make Instant Message with the person whom IP you want to trace. This is not done to trace IP, You must do : File transfer or make Cam to Cam or Photo Sharing.Yahoo instant message are first send to yahoo server and than receiver get that message. So we can't find IP of that person without doing Cam to Cam or File Transfer. With this process you and receiver will be connected via Peer to Peer. Peer to Peer allows to know each others IP.

Now switch to Command Prompt while transferring file or doing Cam to Cam.Type command neststat -n or netstat -a. For further information type netstat -anvb command. You can see all the connection that came to you. For peer to peer IP used port 80 or 81( File transfer ), port 5100 (Webcam), Remote port 5000 or 5001(Voice Chat). You just classify the port number according to which process you done.(File transfer, Cam to Cam etc) That will be the IP address of that person.

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