Top 5 Gadgets to Gift your Girlfriend

You might have missed the last valentine Gift for your girlfriend or might have missed a birthday gift and had also have suffered the consequence. But don't miss this time. This time whether its a birthday or a valentine day or a Christmas gift, don't try to miss this gadgets for your girlfriend. For her, she will surely love to receive these gadgets.

If you cannot think of anything good enough, then you can gift her any one of the cool gadgets available in the market today. You can choose from a wide variety of items and if you are confused about which products will win the heart of your girlfriend, we are here to help you out. Given below is a list of the top 5.

Gadgets we think will make you girlfriend happy if you give it to her either on a regular date or as a precious gift on Valentine’s Day.

It is about time you stopped giving her those memorable yet probably boring greeting cards and flowers.

So what are the gadgets the women or your girl will love.Lets see all of these gadgets and then judge yourself which one suits your girlfriend better.

1. Apple iPod

The number one place goes to iPod. Yes the small & the portable mp3 player . You might have heard the quote "An Apple a day,keeps the doctor away". Similarly an Apple product will keep away your relationship problems. Gift your sweetheart with an iPod either a cute iPod Shuffle or the sexier nano.

Don't forget to fill iPod with her favorite songs and mp3 that she loves and also those songs which you want to dedicate to her. Make the day special for her by the lovely romantic songs. iPod will make her fall flat on her heels.

2.  Digital Camera

Digicam or Digital camera occupies the second position in our Gift lists. Yes this gadgets will make her feel good because Girls like photography as you all may know and especially if they are facing the front of the Camera.

So if your girl likes to pose in front of a camera for a click then get her digital camera especially the Sony Slim-shot which are more dearer to girls because of its look and pinkish color. Gift her one and pose for the best snap of yours together.

3. Smart Phone

Well this might be a better option for so many different reasons. First it may give you functionality of all two gadgets mentioned above. Also Girls tends to fall for guys with a touchscreen phones and a BMW.

Make  sure to gift her a smartphone which is one the latest and runs an Android OS. What you should also prefer that it should be a touchscreen phone and a slim and Slick Smartphone. Of currently trending Smartphones you might gift here Apple iPhone 4s or Google Nexus which is going to launch very soon with the latest version of Android OS.

4. A Tablet

It is sometime wise to gift your girlfriend an expensive gift rather than getting a harsh treatment which sometime may be accompanied by  a handbag or a footwear. So if you are thinking to raise your budget for her, Go for a tablet PC like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy tab. Being an expensive gift we have kept it on the fourth position.

She will surely love to receive this as a gift as girls normally measure guys by the amount of money he spends on her by buying an expensive gifts. In our opinion you can gift her the Apple iPad 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You must also consider Amazon Tablet.

5. A portable Gaming Device

This might sound something not easily unacceptable with the above list but the bitter truth has to be accepted. Yes the new and the younger generation now are trending more towards the Game Zone.

This might be a better gift for your girl if she likes to play games on a digital media.  Gift her Sony PSP which has games meant straight for women and she will really enjoy them playing. 

So there we have it. These were some of the coolest options that we would recommend you to gift your girlfriend and hope this might work for you.
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