Send mail using your friends email ID.

"How to hack email ID"
The most searched content on Google and many other search like

  • How to send fake mail?
  • Use friends email ID.
  • Fake mailer
  • Email Forgery / Spoofed Email.
You can do stuff like that if and only you are good at hacking. But some site provide fake mailer as a service to send mails. Lets checkout how  can you send fake mails using your friends email ID. This post is for educational purpose don't think its secure and don't get caught. 

Note: If one go through the Police help you get caught. This is for fun only.

Lets roll now
  • Go to
  • Fill up required fields don't go click on High Priority. It'll send email in Spam box.
  • Checkout the below image. Open image in new tab to view large.

Enjoy fake mailer and tease your friend by sending email from their own email id to his/her. 
"Its only for educational & entertainment purpose"
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