The 10 most useful websites

We all search many and many websites on INTERNET for our various purpose. But among all of those websites today we focus on the top most useful websites to the people of the world. Depends on uses and choices here you can see the top 10 useful websites as below

Useful Websites

1. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is more human and intimate than Google. It is collective recommendations of thousands of hours of searching by web users. It is also known as " recommendation engine". So friends, stumbling is much more satisfying then googling.

Click here to visit Stumble Upon

2.  Goggle news

Friends, this site is very most preferable site. Here you can search by celebrity name, current event, topic or by region. It plugs you in to 4500 news sources.

                                                         Click here to visit Google news

3. Webopedia
You can learn what DDR and SDRAM are, What RAID stands for and How TCP/IP beams messages around the world. You also shop and get explanation for what all hardware terms mean.

                                                         Click here to visit Webopedia

4.  Epinions : Consumer Reviews by Regular people
Folks,Very useful shopping website.real people making real comments on real purchase. Really this is valuable resource for the smart consumer.

Click here to visit

5.  Home fair : Resources for moving,career and rising your family                

Do you want to buy your next house? Is your son or daughter's university town a safe city to live in? This website answers all these question and many more.

Click here to visit Home Fair

6.  How stuff  works
This is very tremendous source of learning. Learn how a hurricance really forms, How Mazda rotary engine functions, How bulletproof armor deflects bullet.

                                                       Click here to visit How stuff works

7.  Online conversion of any measurement

This website gives you all type of conversion for any measurements. So now don't worry about calculation.

Click here to visit Online conversion of any measurement

8.  Merriam Webster dictionary and thesaurus

Friends, here you can look up thesaurus synonyms. Students also download tool bars. This is the project resource to improve your English.

Click here to visit Merriam Webster

9.  Life hacker               
It is Online Community website which  is dedicated to 21st century thinking people. Here you can get digital as well as life knowledge, in sort all in one place.

Click here to visit Life hacker

10. BBC news

If you want to see the Swine FLU pandemic, Kyoto protocol, Real space race, War in Iraq and many more then BBC is your news site.

Click here to visit BBC News

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