How to get a new Youtube Interface?

YouTube is the worlds largest video sharing website. With more than millions of videos to watch and share. YouTube has recently undergoing a change in it user-interface. This new interface has not been applied to all the users directly. The new interface of YouTube is still in the beta phase.

You can see the new interface of YouTube by following simple steps as shown below. 

How to upgrade YouTube interface or how to get a new YouTube user-interface?

Note:- This tricks only works in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Step 1:- Open and login to your account.

Step 2:- Press Ctrl+shift+j (for chrome Users) or Ctrl+shift+k (For Mozilla users). 

For Google Chrome users.

For Mozilla Users

Step 3:- Go to the Console. (Find the screenshots below for chrome as well as Mozilla).

Step 4:- Type this:- document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=ST1Ti53r4fU"; and press Enter.

{You can also copy the code and just paste it into the console} 

For Chrome Users 

For Mozilla Users

Step 5:- Refresh your page.

That's it you have upgraded your YouTube interface. The new YouTube Interface is more user friendly has got more and more accessibility to favorite videos.

The New You-tube Interface looks like this.

new youtube interface

Comment Below and share your experience with the new YouTube Interface.

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