Fly Drone Using Your iPhone

Fly Drone Using Your iPhone

fly drone using iPhone

Many people wish to fly airplane but it is not possible for all the people. But now a days people's wish comes true to fly a airplane. You don't need to get any type of flying experience. You just need one iPhone with iOS 5 to become a captain of airplane. 

Imagine you can control an airplane by just holding your iPhone out in front of you. You can tilt flight in any direction you want to travel or raising it to make the plane fly higher. By tapping a point on a map on the screen you can also fly plane automatically to the destination point.

This is the fact, some science-fiction vision of the future. People at Boeing's Seattle Research and Development center controlling small aircraft and flew around an athletic field on MIT campus in Cambridge. But most significant thing for long-distance control, explains MIT associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics Mary " Missy" Cummings who designed the controller that how it is possible for an inexperienced person to fly the plane. Cummings and her students has designed a very simple control system that operators can take charge of flying the plane after a few minutes of instruction. 

Cummings focuses her research on how to make control system that are easy for people to learn and use. The control system she and her team have created for smart phones could be used to control any aircraft even a jumbo jet. It is very useful for military drones and also to take progress of a forest fire from safe distance.
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