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Once again I come up with the topic on mobile. This time I want to share information about how actually  mobile works . Generally all of us know very well that mobile phone is well type of "walkie talkie" which work by radio signals. The main factor works in mobile communication is "Base Station".

Base station recieves and transmits your mobile phone signals. This station generally is not near to your house or office.In fact sometimes it looks like lamp post, building part and tree.
This base station communicates all mobile in its area. Another base station is just close to first station is means it is much large 1880, there were very few base stations and now they are many more at all over the world.  
Now let us see how phone calls are done. Here some steps are given below.
Steps of Mobile communication
  • You dial a number
  • In your phone one control channel is used to send and receive digital signal. Your mobile send signal through control channel to base station.
  • Base station A hears with signal according to strength. Your mobile send signal to all base stations which are in your range.
  • Now imagine station A receive strong signal while station B has week signal. So station B calls automatically to station A.
  • Station A tells your phone to tune in to an unused channel to make the call.foe example there are 4 channel in your phone from which channel 3 is unused. so channel 3 is used for call.
  • Your mobile now tuned into right channel for the base station.
  • Base station controls company control center and dials number into public telephone system.   
  • Similarly in message sending same process will happen which can easlily understand by below.

Friends now all these things happened in such quick time and your mobile is always logged on to the base station. Whenever you move around a city or country , your mobile sends signal to register itself with base station.

Some times your mobile does not has  good network signal because of blocking signals like tall building. In that case your phone makes call using another base station.  

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