Mobile virus : let's know and be aware from it

friends, we all know about Mobile. we can say that for anyone it is easy to live without water for sometime but it is impossible for one to live without mobile. really mobile is very best friend for each and everybody.very interesting thing is that many facilities like Bluetooth,Wi fi, internet and many other are available in mobile in comfortable bugget.users enjoy with mobile but sometimes they forget some very little things of mobile which can affect them. one of these things is "Virus".
Mobile virus is similar to computer virus. now you got the idea what computer virus can does. simillarly mobile virus spread from one mobile to another. In the beginning of history it was not such dangerous as now. it corrupt your cell phone as well as delete your important data. also latest viruses are capable of sending fake messages through it is important for us to know from
where the viruses come to our phone.

factors for spreading virus :
these three are the very most and most responsible modes for spreading the virus to our here i write some important notes to protect phone form virus.

Various ways to protect phone from virus :
  • Remember you should always switch off your Bluetooth when it is not use. one more thing if not possible this thing then please select hidden mode of your handset rather then visible.
  • By mistake you forget to sitch off the bluetooth then do not open the bluetooth messages which is sent by any unknown sources because they are mostly viruses.
  • It is important to download anti virus for yoor phone and update regullarly since new virusses increase very speedily.
  • Please don't give your MMC card to other people even if he/she is good friend of you. it has reason that if he/she has virus ib his/her phine then it is possible that virus come in your card when he/she insert in his/her mobile. vise versa please do not take anyone's card to use in your phone for your phone's security.   
just following these all rules and you will not worry about your mobile phone regarding the viruses.

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