How to socialize your email signature?

Email signatures are just like your own pen signatures which you do in your documents or important papers either in offices,banks, etc. These signatures are important in your e-mail as well. Whether you email someone either representing a company or just a regular mail, your mail carries a signature with it.

As in Wikipedia "An e-mail signature is a block of text appended to the end of an e-mail message often containing the sender's name, address, phone number, disclaimer or other contact information".

So whenever you send a mail your signature appears to be a normal one. Most desktop email client append your signature automatically to your email.
Have you ever thought of improvising your email-signature so that it looks impressive and creative which may help you in making your email more readable and impressive.

So you might think that "how should i change my email-signature in Gmail or yahoo mail? or how can i add social bookmarks to my email-signature?"

So let us see how we can improve our email signatures and socialize them. As you live in social networking world it helps you connect to more people easily. Here we will show you step by step procedure of how you can socialize or improvise your email signatures or you can say make them creative.

The follwing steps are shown for how to socialize your Gmail signatures.

UPDATE:- Gmail has now new look. You can see over here.
Step 1:- Open Gmail settings tab.

Step 2:- On the General tab, move down to Signatures 

Step 3:- Add your name and address and other details. If you want add social site bookmarks like twitter or facebook,twitter, Gmail doesn't provide pic uploading directly but don't worry you have the Flickr alternative or Picasa web-album.

Upload your facebook,twitter,linkedin icons into flickr account or a Picasa web album. If you don't have you can access them from here

Step 4:- So after you have uploaded the icons images just copy the links and add the address in GMail signature settings.

Step 5:- Add links to the images to your facebook accpunt/page, twitter account or either linkedin account.

You can get the have the settings like the following.

You can also add your creativity ideas in your signature.

For yahoo mail users follow these steps.

Step 1:- Open yahoo mail settings 

Step 2:-  Go to signature tab

Step 3:- Just copy your image from the flickr account or Picasa web-album and paste that in signature text-box.

Step 4:- Add links to the images to your facebook accpunt/page, twitter account or either linkedin account 

So If you have followed these steps you have socialized your email-signature. By doing this little extra thing can benefit you a lot. It can get you more followers to your twitter account or can get more connection  to your linkedin profile.

Be creative and impressive in making your digit or email-signature more worthy that represent you to the world.
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