Google to shutdown Buzz and few other services.

Google has decide to close down its Buzz services. This was announced by them on their official Google blog. 

Google has also decided to close down its CodeSearch from 15th January,2012 along with CodeSearch API. CodeSearch was designed to help the users to search all open-source code all over the web.

Google Started its Buzz as a counterpart competitor to twitter like services. But they have now decided to shut down it and its API. Instead they have started focusing on Google plus with which they seem to have very high expectations. They will have the  buzz link live in your GMail tabs but the user will not be able to post anything but they can see their existing post using Google profile and can also download using Google Takeout.

Google started its buzz services with its initial release on February 19th,2010 as a social-networking and a micro-blogging website with its integration to its email service GMail. Within 56 hours of its released, Google Buzz had a 9 million posts, posted and 160,000 posts and comments per hour.

But with the latest announcement of Google+ services, Google seems to be more concentrating on on it rather than buzz. So this was right decision by them to close it down and make users to move over to Google+.

Apart from buzz they have also decided to close down their CodeSearch program and will also shutdown CodeSearch API. CodeSearch was launched to help the users to find out all the open source code around the web. They will be closing this service completely after 15th January,2012.  

They have also planned to shut down Jaiku. They bought Jaiku in 2007 which helps users to send updates to his/her friends. This service will also get closed on 15th January,2012.

Several years ago, they have given the  people,  the ability to interact socially on iGoogle. Again with their new focus on Google+, they will remove iGoogle's social features on January 15, 2012. iGoogle itself, and non-social iGoogle applications, will stay as they are.

The University Research Program for Google Search, which provides API access to our search results for a small number of approved academic researchers, will close on January 15, 2012.

Also the websites like and the former websites will be replaced by Google Product Search.

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