Facebook Vs. Twitter : Who Wins?

Friends don't worry, this is only just a hypothetical article. But imagine what happened if you did have to choose only one of these two, FOREVER ?
It is true that many people prefer LinkedIn to Twitter but if we focus on everyone's time,the most people would still log on to Facebook. If we have to decide which one we prefer first then it is very complicated.
So just imagine the scene, at one corner of the ring a Zuckerberg is there and other hand the big, blue Twitter bird. Who will win? In fact Twitter was launched first but really they are very different in many many ways. So concentrate only on main and wider topics as consider as below.Le's see who wins in the competition. 

1. Privacy and Setting
This point seems like little bit of a dull one but every day content is a pretty contentious issue.
Facebook did counter attack in the past over privacy issues. Every time new features rolled out and users forced to opt in automatically. Once you did all changes, Facebook's setting page is quite comprehensive.
Twitter is very different in many ways because it is much open network. Here you can protect your tweets so they are visible only to your friends.
As far as setting concern, Twitter allow you to control everything you need to.
Winner : It is Tie

2. Photos :
Facebook is mostly for photos,tagging them and browsing through them. The " Light box" effect look like just strange at first but it makes pictures much more appearing as well as upload in higher resolutions.
Twitter has always been very handy when it comes to share photos with your friends. It is hard to tell whether Twitter received good photo gallery but only time will tell whether it will make people liked to share.
Winner : Facebook. Also Twitter is very very close.

3. Friends and Followers :
This is very critical section.Both platforms have ability to make group and lists your friends and they have much more sense.
Twitter handles lists much easier and you can manage account through external tool like TweetDck to see particular list.
On the other hand, Facebook seems largely focused on news and sharing.
Winner : Twitter

4. Usability
Facebook adds new features as well as things every now and make confuse us again.
Twitter does look much more simple to use.Particularly when it became ' New Twitter' and did away with old and dated design.
Winner : Twitter

5. Apps and External tools
Twitter has whole host of third party Apps that allow you to manage your Twitter presence like Tweet Deck and Hoot suite. Also all kinds of Apps allow you to share information and connect with your friends from photo Apps to Fitness tracking Apps. After adding of recent photo gallery, Photo Apps are tied into Twitter offering more than ever.
Similarly Facebook is also capable of all these things. Only it is strong on social gaming with Apps like farmville going from strength to strength
Winner : It is Tie
Graph of Facebook Vs Twitter
Winner ?
Although there are lots of areas in which both platforms would tied. Each platform has its own strength and weakness. They can be very much what you make them. Only thing is that who you are following and who you are friends with.

So Which one would you choose ?

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