Does your computer need friend ?

Is that interesting question that your computer need friend? So no need to find anywhere. its here.From child to aged person, student to social worker, lady to gentleman all of us use computer in many ways. But one  important factor for which each and everyone worried is the virus : very dangerous to our computer.each and every of us want to protect our PC from virus.
here is the very best antivirus and security software of all time. these all software have been scored according to few factors like speed, detection, updates, scanning link, virus removing, blocking bad websites, technical friends now you should not worry about which antivirus i choose for my PC. you can download any of given below for your PC and keep it safe from viruses.
1. Bit defender
features : 1.  to keep charts private,IM encryption available
                2.  available search advisor to block any 
                     suspicious file from downloading
                3.  high customize interface
                4.  laptop mode for battery saving.
                5.  within few hours,update automatically.

features :   1. for spams and viruses,real time protection
                  2. update by hourly
                  3. system analyzer for detecting any not   
                     expected activity.
                  4.for secure entries on banking and shopping 
                     transactions, virus keyboard available.
3. Eset Nod 32
features :  1.  it stops suspicious service and trojans
                 2. block threats those enter from various 
                 3.  removable devices
                 4.  it is SSL encrypted
                 5.  contain free technical support

4. AVG
 features :  1. it scans smartly and faster
                  2. it is easily to surf and download
                  3. gives protection from phising and fraud sites
                      out threats from your system

5. Norton 
 features :    1.  special feature of network mapping to 
                        detect any threats from network
                     2. it has anti root kit
                     3. protection of Bot
                     4. updates pulse very easily
                     5. it has bootable recovery tool to create     
                         backup regularly 

Now friends download latest versions of all these software and keep secure your PC from  dangerous viruses.

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