Using Facebook friends to Recover your account

Facebook has added the functionality to protect your account from getting hacked or getting locked. If in near future, if your account gets locked via some hacker or a spam link, you can still recover your account by using your friends. Yes ,you heard it right you can recover your your account using your freinds.

You may also associate a phone number with your account, so when another person logs on with your account, you get a text message, confirming about your login information from the computer. You must also have the alternate email address associated with your account, so in case of any failure or locking of your account you may recover it from alternate email-address.

To recover your account your account using your trusted friends, you must apply the settings before hand. As mentioned below, follow the steps and add your trusted friends who might help you in recovering your account.

To setup trusted friends,follow these steps

Step 1:- Login to your Facebook account.

Step 2:- Go to Account settings

Step 3:- Click on the Security Tab given on the right side.

Step 4:- Choose the Trusted friends option and add your friends whom you trust in this list.

Thats it. Now these friends might help you in case your account gets locked.

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