A Sparking Technology Era

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As the time goes on and on,  the technology moves on with the humans and humans move on with the technology. With the development of the computers and technology from mid 40's to the 21st century, the era has never stopped and will never stop as it moves on with next, the newer and the better generation of human civilization. From your desktop to your hands, from your computer to laptops to smartphones, each and every thing has been a gift from the technological era to you. 

With the above paragraph as the moving history of the technology, from google to Facebook. With the boom of internet in every corner of the world and has combined and each and every country on this earth. From races to religion, every one has connected their lives with the internet.Every one has adopted the technology.

As the technology moves on and on, the more you gets confused with it. Either it may be searching for any software in google or may be reaching to your friends and relatives via facebook or may be reaching out to your fans via twitter.

The more the technology comes to you, the more you get rattled. Thus we the group of aspiring bloggers and tech enthusiast, from different technological background. Authors right from software professionals to designers and animators to technological researchers, will bring you the best of the articles from the tech-world at your door-step with series of articles for HOW TO, SCI/TECH NEWS,LATEST TECH TRENDS and much more.

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