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After its release in 2007 amazon kindle as an eBook reader is one of the best and most suitable for the book reading on a tablet. Amazon has made the kindle supporting all kind of eBook formats and is most successful in marketing it to the most. Its simply called "Amazon kindle" but don't think of it as one of the another kindle. Its got a lot more than the others.And yes it runs ANDROID.

 Manufactured by foxconn,amazon previous operating system was supporting Linux,but now the latest version has got android. Though the latest version will be a 7-inch tablet eBook reader and with android it is going to be best in the market with giving tough competition to the Blackberry playbook an i-pad.

With different storage capacity and memory,kindle is available at for $139 with built in wi-fi to manage your eBooks,highlights and notes. As the amazon is going to release its android version of the kindle,users might get more apps than what kindle today provides and it might just costs you all at $250. Yes that might be best price for all this. As this tablet might get all apps including your eBook- reader to the music player as well as social media apps,browser and all that.

As per the top blog and website says,the android kindle is real and Amazon is working its best and is fully confident in bringing the all new tablet this season and all we have to do is to wait and watch what the new kindle has to offer.

The latest version of kindle is kindle-3 with built in WiFi support and 3G support too, launched on May 25,2011. It is currently offered in two colors : classic white and graphite.

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