How much Technology is used in DRS System


Now a days ICC has declared the new review system called DRS. DRS means Decision Review System. In the match when there is  any doubt in any delivery of ball then caption of the team can take the help of  DRS system.

BUT for this system, how much technology is required ? This makes up a very interesting thing to know that for only DRS system 15 cameras are required and they are as follow.

2x wicket to wicket cameras (manned) 
2x ball follow cameras (manned) 
2xsuper slo motion cameras at main camera gantry position on either side (manned) 
1x mid wicket camera (manned) 
2x run outs (un-manned) 
2x slips (manned) 
2 x lbw mat cameras (un-manned) 
2x stump
Sometime following cameras are also used but they are not mandatory.

2x reverse slips (manned) 
1x high reverse mid wicket (manned) 
1x UltraMotion – at ground level 45 degrees (manned)

The whole LBW sequence, including the video replay and ball tracking trajectory needs to be provided by the ball tracking supplier to ensure there is no conflict between 2 different LBW mats which would undermine the credibility of the technology and the DRS.

The video element of the replay needs to make the batsman transparent, and animate a virtual ball over the bounce and interception points as the real ball passes through them. There needs to be a clear graphic that sits alongside the pitching and impact points that displays whether these points are between wicket and wicket 
as defined in the playing condition.

The predictive element of the ball-tracking technology must be graphically shown in accordance with the relevant playing conditions specification. The accuracy of the ball tracking technology and predictive path must be accurate to a level whereby no other means can prove it to be wrong, which equates to an expected 
tracking accuracy of 5mm and a predictive accuracy of under 1cm for a typical LBW appeal.

Such kind of technology makes match very interesting and produce  a match with technical supports. 
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