Google Plus vs. Facebook

google plus vs facebook
As the internet grows up and up, the war for the better supremacy grows like Himalayan mountains. The best of the internet Giants Google and Facebook, the former-the search giant and latter the social networking giant are gearing for the fight for the best social-networking website.

As the Google plus opens for all, with its previous release for the invites, it has now entered the war of being a supremo in social networking websites with Facebook. Facebook being as the largest social networking website has also started thinking about the level of competition it can get from google.

With more than 750 million users under its belt Facebook might be the leading horse but according to Google, Google plus crossed a 10 million users just after two weeks of launching it to "invites" only. And in one day Google plus became the most downloaded app from the Apple web Store.

Lets see how these two giants differs in various context and different features. With various apps and features, the users are the only the king who will judge which one is the best. These points shows the difference between Google plus and Facebook.

  • Facebook-    launched on February 4,2004.
  • Google Plus- launched on June 28,2011.
  • Facebook-
      • Its a private type website founded by Mark Zuckerberg and team.
      • Its total revenue share is almost US$ 2 Billion (estimated)--Source Wikipedia.
      •  Activity- Its currently active and online.
  • Google Plus(g+) -
      •  Its a social networking site owned by Google.
      • A service launched on June 28, 2011 for the special invites and was opened for all on September 20,2011.
      • Activity- Its currently active and online.


  • Facebook

Facebook has a nice suited home page. With new changes going on in the Facebook, it has sensed the increasing competition in the social media. The home page itself tells you all about your latest updates and that of your friends.
  • Google Plus

google plus home page

Google plus as a new has also got a decent home page and good outlook of your profile to you,but those who are addicted to Facebook might see it comparatively dull.


 This point is the most important in the comparison of these two websites. With Facebook as the old player in the game than that of the Google plus,it gets an edge over the apps it provides. But Google is also not behind as it has also got lots in store and might leave Facebook far behind. lets see them point by point.
  • Facebook-

    • Started its "email" facility (this is best thing they have done). With the integration email to your account you can view your mails and updates all at one place.

    • "Real- Time App" Activity - Shows your friends activity in real-time to see what your friends are doing this second. 
    • "Bookmark App"- Once you start using certain app. It creates an app bookmark for quicker navigation.

    • Also tons on Facebook apps which you can use in your day to day life as per your entertainment, you can move on here to see more apps.
  • Google Plus-

    • "Circles"- this feature enables users to categorize your friends in different ways for ex. family,offices,school,college etc. You can share your updates specific to circle as per your like.

    • "Hangouts" - this place are for you and your friends to start a web conference or a video call with a maximum of 10 friends in a single conversation.

    • "Sparks"- is a kind of a presentation of front-end for Google search. It enables you to identifying certain topics which might seem interesting, and you can surely share those topics.

    • Google has "+1" button which is similar to the Facebook like button.
With these two giants are on huge war for the path to attain the supremacy in social networking media, the user is the only king where he/she might get the maximum benefit of the  current social-media war. Keep reading our future posts and updates on this very growing topic.Thanks.
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