Facts about International Space Station

We all having news of astrologers in news channel about going to International Space Station . We don't have idea about the facts and figures of ISS(International Space Station). ISS launched on Nov 2,2000

Fact 1 You all wonder that the size of ISS is same as size of football field. Take a look on image below.
international space station
Fact 2 International Space Station Size and Mass
  • Module Length: 167.3 feet (51 meters)
  • Truss Length: 357.5 feet (109 meters)
  • Solar Array Length: 239.4 feet (73 meters)
  • Mass: 861,804 lb (390,908 kilograms)
  • Habitable Volume: 13,696 cubic feet (388 cubic meters)
  • Pressurized Volume: 32,333 cubic feet (916 cubic meters)
  • Power Generation: 8 solar arrays = 84 kilowatts
  • Lines of Computer Code: Approximately 2.3 million
Fact 3 ISS has been visited 202 times individuals by astrologers.

Fact 4 At the time of the 10th (Nov 2,2010) anniversary, the station’s odometer read more than 1.5 billion statute miles (the equivalent of eight round trips to the Sun), over the course of 57,361 orbits around the Earth. 

Fact 5 A total of 161 spacewalks have been conducted in support of space station assembly totaling more than 1,015 hours. 

Fact 6 Astrologers feel ISS as new home. ISS has five-bedroom house, and has two bathrooms, a gymnasium and a 360-degree bay window

Fact 7 The solar array wingspan (240 ft) is longer than that of a Boeing 777 200/300 model, which is 212 ft.

Fact 8 Fifty-two computers will control the systems on the ISS.

Fact 9 8 miles of wire connects the electrical power system

Fact 10 Main U.S. control computers have 1.5 gigabytes of total main hard drive storage in U.S. segment compared to modern PCs, which have ~500 gigabyte hard drives
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