Facebook:Tracking your moves online


Facebook tracking your moves weather you are logged in
or logged out

Be careful friends...You are being watched what you are doing by Facebook.A news came from Nik Cubrilovic , a hacker who has analyzed the HTTP headers from the cookies of Facebook. He said that Facebook is capable to track user weather they are logged in our logged out to site. Consistent removing cookies is the way to prevent this.

The new Facebook API allows applications to post status updates on the timeline without any allows of user. This feature named as frictionless sharing by Facebook. User are at risk that they may post information that are not known to them. 

According to the Cubrilovic  , Facebook is still using the surfing habit of users when they are not logged in. Non technical user does not know about the cookies as the cookies are not cleared having unique user ID. Cookies contains information about website that redirects to facebook.com.  

Removing cookies continuously can prevent this.Cubrilovic  says that failure to remove these tracking  is dangerous for user who are using public computer . Some browser can block third-party cookies, but it is not activated by default.

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