The Best 10 Web Analytics Tools

With the increase of the internet users and the websites on the internet, the blogger or the webmaster needs to be more attentive in publishing or marketing their website in this whole wired network. No matter is you are a professional blogger or a beginner in blogging or a website publishing, the analysis of various aspects of your website has now become the integral part of the web marketing.

You, if a blogger or website owner must know facts about what is your traffic source, which area of your website is weak and which one is strong, which are the audience type, how to boost your revenue and traffic, what are the other areas which you must look upon.

So we bring you upon the 10 best , web analytics tools which can help you in analyzing your website form grounds to sky with more and more feature by them.


       AWstats is free web analytic tools which provides you the advanced web analysis,streaming, ftp aur mail servers graphically.It generally comes pre-installed with most of the web servers, but you can install it as per you requirement.It offers you the most of the analysis form the security aspects to the keywords for your website.

2. Google Analyitcs
     Google Anaytics is one the best of the web-analysis tool for the individual site-owners besides the heavy giants tools for the business or the enterprise purposes. It provides you with tons of analysis and deep statistics about the blog/website. Google analyitics is really a bog boon element for single-person handled website.
google analytics

3. W3Counter
            W3Counter is free as well as paid web analysis tool. This website is free and has a easy-to-use tool with which you can find answers to most of the solution for you websites like: who's your audience, how they find your site, and what interests them. Apart from these tools there also API's and widgets provided by them so that you can show stats on your blog/website.

4. W3Perl

            W3Perl , apart from providing you analysis for your websites,  is also a free log file and RSS analyzer. This website mainly comes into action for Web / FTP / Squid / CUPS and Mail servers. It can help you view your reports in HTML/PDF formats.


5. Woopra

        Woopra is the most comprehensive tools for web analytics apart from the various others. It provides you a desktop application for the analysis. But wordpress users can still install plugins and can see the analysis from their own dashboards. This site has rich-context analysis to your website.


6. Clicky 
       Clicky is also on of the best alnalysis tools apart form the others with deep -and accurate analysis with a unique feauter of viwieng your analysis right from your iphone. This servise mainly tailores small websites and blogs.


7. Snoop

        Snoop is one of the famous analysis tool which offers you the real-time visitors tracking. The service offers you the best page-to-page tracking of the visitors right at your desktop in real time. Snoop is the desktop application which comes in both windows as well as Linux platforms. The best of all the features of the snoop is the Name-tags which allows you to tag you r visitors for easier identification in near future.

8. Piwik
          Piwik is again, the best of analysis tool with all the features of an ideal web analysis tool integrated to it. The best part of Piwik is that,that its features comes in the form of plugins. So the users can select easily which of the features to use and which one to skip. Its an open-source developed using PHP and Mysql.


9. Yahoo Web Analytics

      An answer to the Google dominant Google analytics from yahoo is the yahoo web-analytics . With the multi-enterprise,robust web-based third party tool for the better data analysis. It comes with all the loads of tools which you can expect from a comprehensive tools for web analytics ranging from well-designed pretty graphs, printable reports and also real time tracking.

yahoo analytics

10. FeedBurner

            FeedBurner as you may all know is one which is tailored for the blogs. With the in-depth analysis of the blog posts, audience and the blog statics provided in a slick and an excellent user-interface. feed burner is know owned by Google.


With all these tools tell us which one is your favorite tools for web analytic. Give a try to all these tools and then select which one suites best to you according your requirements.
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