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WhatsApp To Stop Serving Older Phone By End Of 2016

WhatsApp To Stop Serving Older Phones
The social media giant WhatsApp recently announced that it will stop serving older smartphones by the end of this year. The list of smartphones includes iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, lower version of Android and Windows Phone 7 at the end of this year. So the users having older smartphones has to upgrade them selves to the newer phone to get served by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app at the current stage. The company recently rolled out its video calling feature. The company has given reason that these devices do not support the kind of capabilities they need to expand the app's features.

Not so many users will affected by this decision as the list includes too lower version of smartphones. Android and iOS users will not be affected lot because most of the devices are upgraded to the latest version of OS. WhatsApp will stop supporting those running on Android 2.1 and Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone 3GS. The iPhones still having iOS 6 will also get affected. According to Google there are around 0.1 percent devices still running on Android Froyo. So the users whose phone still running on Ice-cream sandwich or Jelly Bean need not worry.

There are around 8 percent Apple devices still running the older version of iOS that includes everything under iOS 9 and below. So the Apple users who are running iOS 6 need to worry for WhatsApp services and they have to upgrade the iOS.

A big worry for the Windows 7 mobile users as it will be the end of WhatsApp services for them. WhatsApp has given relief to the users who has BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Symbian S60 and BBOS till June 2017.

All New Features Of iOS 10

Best iOS 10 Features

Before start selling of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, Apple released its new iOS 10 on 13th September 2016. Apple made some awesome changes to newer version of iOS. Let's start with some best features of iOS 10.

Redesigned Lock Screen

In this new iOS, Apple has made the lock screen more interactive than part versions of iOS. The lock screen not only to display notifications but lets you reply and react to them as well. This feature works for not only Apple apps but also for third party apps. You can reply to WhatsApp notification by pressing down( 3D Touch). You don't need to unlock your phone to make a call to your favorite contact. For that you need to swipe right and it will display new widgets with plenty of stuff. This will also work for third party apps too.


Apple lets you to customize your widget area depending support from third party apps. The thing is that these widgets on your lock screen are active. For example the WhatsApp widget will refreshed and shuffling the recent chats. So by just seeing at the widget can tell you who have pinged you. You don't need to go to the app. All of this can be accessed from your lock screen.

New Siri

Siri got the power to access with third party apps. So instead of asking Siri to send text message now you can order Siri to send message to WhatsApp contact without opening WhatsApp. Not only in WhatsApp but this will aslo work with a lost of other apps like Uber and Maps. You can ask Siri to book a cab for you in upcoming Uber app. You can book rides and also can transfer money with the help of Siri. First of all you will have to give Siri access to those apps.

Raise To Wake

As Apple does with the Watch they have implemented this feature for iPhones also. It is basically wakes your phone the moment it thinks your phone has been lifted. This features works for iPhone 6S and in newer. You iPhone wakes up when you pull it out from pocket and pull up from a desk without pressing Home button. Your iPhone's display will turn off instantly when you put it back down without interfacing. With this coolest feature no need to press Home button and of course bye bye "Slide to Unlock".

Home App

Controlling our home devices is tedious job for all of us. Apple announced an app called Home n this iOS 10 to control smart home products. People will be looking for one place to control them all. Home is built into Control Center to manage smart home devices. 


Apple changed a Message app to make your conversation more exciting. You will be able to add animations to your chat screen like balloons or fireworks to show celebration in chat. Animation take over entire screen and change a way to wish someone. The new message app will allow to send handwritten note. It will show words like they were written in ink. One can also send sketches and edited photos and videos too.

Photo App

Apple made some spectacular changes to its built in Photo app. You don't need to worry about organizing your photos and videos. In the iOS 10 Photos app will have power to recognize face, objects, and scene by advanced machine learning technology. This app will tag and manage photos and videos automatically. Photos will be managed with new Memories tab. App will create albums by itself. This app will identify objects like mountain, cars etc and automatically put them in certain categories album. 

iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus With New Features

Apple iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7

Millions of eyes were eagerly waiting for Apple to release its new iPhone series. And finally Apple has released its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus and also watch 2 on 7 September 2016 at event organised at San Francisco.

This time Apple has came with some more features in iPhone segment. The company added spectacular changes in iPhone series. The design of new iPhone is similar to iPhone 6S with rounded aluminum body. Here you will see all the new features that company has added to new iPhone.

Water Proof iPhones

For the first time, Apple device came with water resistant feature. Now you don't need to worry if your iPhone gets wet in rainy days or some where else. Both the iPhone 7 and 7 plus are categorized of IP67 ration which makes them water and dust resistant. So your new iPhone can be put in water up to 1 meter depth for up to 30 min. 

Power Full A10 Chip

To gain the beast results from new iPhones, Apple has made its power full chip named A10. Both the iPhones will carry this A10 chip to make them faster. These handsets are powered by new quad-core A10 processor with 64 bit four core CPU. The chip having two high performance cores and two high efficiency cores for long battery life. It also having 6-core GPU which is 50% faster compared to A9.


Both the iPhones have upgraded camera but you can't replace them with your DSLR camera. Both iPhones now feature 12MP iSight camera with six element lens. Apple made optical image stabilization wich is capable of 4K video recording. The highlighting part is that iPhone 7 plus comes with a dual 12MP rear camera with six element lens. iPhone 7 plus comes with one wide angel (similar to iPhone 7) which is same to a 28mm lens with twice focal length. With new camera, iPhone 7 plus is capable of 2x optical zoom. Both the iPhones have 7MP front camera for better selfies and video call.

No Head Phone Jack

Apple has also made this change by removing 3.5mm headphone jack from these new iPhones. The company has replaced it with the lighting port-based connectors. The company has also put an adapter with new iPhones so you can use older earphones.

New Colors

Apple comes with 5 different colors for these new iPhone. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will come in five colors having two new colors Black and Jet Black. The remaining colors are Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. The company has discontinued its Space Grey color.

Better Battery Life And Storage

The company said its new iPhones will offer long battery life. iPhone 7 will give 2 more hours of battery life as compared to iPhone 6S while iPhone 7 plus will offer 1 more hour of battery life. The company has stopped manufacturing of 16GB variant. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will have starting storage of 32GB and then 128GB and 256GB.

Get Ready For All New Designed iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 

Apple has launched all-new iOS 7 having a radically overhauled interface , new control center , animation and many more. The system will be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 , iPad 2, iPad third and fourth generation, iPad mini and the iPod touch fifth generation. 

We have been given the all-new interface with the new iOS 7 , as well as new ways to control the phone and make sure that you don't have to worry about fumbling around in the dark for the torch.

iOS 7 Design

A greater synergy between hardware and software design is something Apple is looking to achieve as it moves towards iOS 7.

ios 7 icon

We saw a heavily overhauled new operating system, one that bore more than a few similarities to Nokia's MeeGo in colour and layout. The icons have been given more rounded feel as well as being given a colour overhaul. The font has also been tweaked as well, with some fancy-looking schematics.

iOS 7 Features

Apple decided that while there were a large number of enhancement to get excited by in the new release of the software. While the design was overhauled, the internal bits and pieces were something of a more incremental upgrade, but one that showed Apple was looking to the future in its battle against Android.

Control Center

Control Center is one of the big ones, as it now allows you to control the main guts of the phone; swiping up from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad will bring up the new hub for loads of option no matter where you are.

iOS 7 control center

It's been given the same translucent sheet as with most of the iOS 7 updates, but gives a lot of space up to the music player and brightness controls, as well as making AirDrop and AirPlay the stars of the show at the bottom. 


Airdrop is now finally available on iDevices allowing you to share from an app that supports Share Sheet. A quick tap on the screen will give you access to the functionality - Apple didn't miss the chance to mock the need to tap the phones together on Android here- and can share multiple items at once by adding in more caresses of the screen.

iTunes Radio and Music

Music is obviously a big thing over at Apple and the Cupertino-based firm reckons the player it's chucked into in iOS 7 the best music player we have ever done. The Music app on iOS 7 adds in your library stored on iCloud that allowing you to view all your tracks in one place.

iOS 7 music app

Turn your iPhone to landscape mode and a wall of album art tiles appear which you can slide sideways through, and tapping on one will zoom you into that album.


Safari has gained something of an update, with the same visual overhaul coming to the browser to allow dynamic resizing of the URL bar , giving you more space to see what's on the screen. 

iOS 7 safari

The Tab system has been updated visually too - you are no longer are limited to eight tabs open, as the new 3D rendering will allow you limitless tabs open at once.

Photo Gallary

Viewing your photos has been given a finish, with iOS 7 automatically arranging pictures by location into groups, which is called "moments". Pinch to zoom out and the Photo app will re-draw your photo library into collection into group automatically. Zoom out once more and you get a year overview of all the images with location tags to remind you where you were each year.

iOS 7 photo app


Siri also having a fancy new interface and with new voices. You can now choose from male or female intonation of being told 'no internet connection present' while cultured French and German languages have also been added. There are a range of new commands for Siri in iOS 7 , such as "play my last voicemail" , "turn on Bluetooth" and "increase my brightness".

Multi Tasking

Multi tasking has been changed somewhat to allow you to see what you are jumping to in a lovely visual manner, replacing the little bar that comes up at the bottom of the screen. The new version is pretty neat to look at, with the app icon flipping along below the pane.

iOS 7 multi tasking

Google Maps App Is Now Available For iPhone(iOS 6)

Google Maps App Is Now Available For iPhone(iOS 6)

google maps app

Google has launched Maps App for iOS 6. It is now available in the iTunes store. This is what many iPhone and iPad users were waiting since the new iOS 6 launched. This could be the Christmas gift from Google.

street view on iOS 6turn-by-turn navigation

Now iPhone 5 offers users the option of using Apple Maps or Google Map. The new maps app is similar to Android counterpart. iPhone users no longer to access the service through the browser on their iPhone. The app provides robust features, including voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transport directions, live traffic and street view.

Overall , the Google app is better than Apple Maps for a simple reason that is has more accurate maps. 

How To Use Facebook and Twitter Without Internet

How To Use Facebook and Twitter Without Internet

facebook and twitter

Now a days most of the people are addicted to social networking sites. This is the easiest way to get in touch with your friends and family. This can not be happen without the Internet. Suppose if you don't have electricity and you want to update your Facebook status or want to tweet any of your friend than how can you access your Facebook and Twitter account without the Internet connection? 

Yes, this is possible to update your status without Internet connection using text messages.

To tweet, once you need to enable your mobile phone on For that go to your Twitter homepage > than to Settings > than Mobile. Insert your cellphone number to Activate Twitter text messaging and then you will have to text "GO" to the number 40404. After that you should receive text message telling that your phone is activated. Also see new setting on the web pages that allow you to enable or disable text notifications.

Now to tweet just write a text message and send it to 40404.

Like twitter you can also update status of Facebook account via SMS. The social site also gives you the ability to subscribe to your friends also. For this you also need to link your mobile phone to your Facebook account. First of all log into and go to "Account Settings". Then go to Mobile , insert your cellphone number and click on "Activate Text Messaging". You have to select your country and your carrier. Once you done then follow the instruction on the screen and text the letter "F" to the number 32665.
You will receive a confirmation number on your cell. Insert that number on the page. After that another text message will confirm your phone is activated.

To update your status you need to write a text and send it to 32665.

Google unveils new 10-inch Nexus tablet

Google unveils new 10-inch Nexus tablet

google 10-inch nexus tab

Google has unveiled a newer version of its Nexus tablet to compete with Apple , Amazon and Microsoft. The device follows a spate of new products launches recently including Apple's iPad Mini and Microsoft's first tablet the Surface.

The world No.1 Internet search engine Google has now pushed deeper into the hardware business when consumers are increasingly accessing web on mobile devices. The media event to introduce the device was scheduled in New York on Monday but was forced to cancel by Google because of Hurricane Sandy.

Google made partnership with Samsung Electronic Co. Ltd. The device is the first 10-inch tablet to come under Google's Nexus brand. The device will be available on November 13 in the US and seven other countries with prices starting $299.

How to setup APN in 3G data card?

APN stands for Access Point Name. APN used to access the internet with predefined network. It tell the computer/device which network it has to use to connect the network. Let me show you quick demonstration   to setup APN of 3G data card. Options and GUI (Graphic User Interface) may vary from device to device but the core part will remain same in all the devices.

Step 1. Find Profile Management option in your software. Here its available under the Tools > Options.

APN for 3G Data card

Step 2. You'll gonna need the credentials of APN from different network provider. Below list are for Indian users only. If you are from out of India or APN settings not working then you have to call your network provider for APN ( Access Point Name ) and Access Number.

APN for 3G Data card

Step 3. Create new Profile for your network provider. 
  • Click on New > Change the Profile Name
  • Click on Static and Provide APN ( Access Point Name ) and Access Number.
  • Save the profile and close the popup box.
  • Enjoy your internet connection by clicking connect.

APN for 3G Data card

How to crack Idea , Airtel , Reliance , Vodafone 3G Data card E155X?

Today i'm going to show you how you can crack/ hack Huawei's 3G Data card E155X. Its quite easy follow the below steps. I'm not responsible for any kind of damage you face during the installation. It may void your warranty of your device. Software you gonna need are listed below.

Step 1. Extract and plug in your data card to computer. Open Update_11_609_18_00_00_B418.exe file. Its a Firmware update file. Accept the agreement and click on next. It'll search for connected device.

Huawei's 3G Data

Step 2. Installation show the connected device specifications. Don't make any changes click on next to install new OS in the device. Do't mark/click Auto remove the device after update. Click finish after installation get complete.

Don't disconnect your device during installation of the firmware

Huawei's 3G Data firmware

Step 3. Extract Huawei and open Huawei Unlocker.exe after the installation get complete. Click on Connect to crack the device. Now click on Direct Unlock to finalize the hacking. 

Huawei's 3G Data

Its done here now you can use any SIM card in this device with proper APN settings. Read the article How to setup APN in 3G data card?

5 Best Free Android Application

In this era of technology world is available in our hand. Manage our day to day life is now easy with Smartphones and Tablets. Below is the list of best application that you must have in Android enabled smartphones or tablets to make your life easy. I'm going to list this application based on basic features, reviews of other android users and most important personal experience.

1. avast! Mobile Security
Avast is holding #1 rank on cnet. Its available in free version for home users with one year subscription. It also provides the best security for mobile as well. Some of best features are listed below

  • Available in free version
  • Anti-Theft (hidden component): Gives you remote control via SMS or Web (cell phone tracking, activate siren, memory wipe, etc.).
  • Network Meter: Measures incoming/outgoing data transfers.
  • Web Shield: Scans each URL that loads and warns you if it’s malware-infected. Includes USSD blocker.
  • SMS/Call Filtering: Filters out particular contacts that you select.
  • Remotely control your phone after install at:

2. MX Player
Best application for playing any media on Android device. Developers managed to handle all your need for playing any media. Some of best features are listed below

  • Pinch To Zoom - Easily zoom in and out by pinching and swiping across screen.
  • Subtitle Scroll - Scroll on subtitle text and playback position will be adjusted to match previous or next subtitle timing.
  • Subtitle formats - DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitle tracks, SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling, SAMI(.smi/.sami) with ruby tag support, SubRip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub/.txt), SubViewer2.0(.sub), MPL2(.mpl/.txt), PowerDivX(.psb/.txt),TMPlayer(.txt)

3. Pocket
Its very hard to remember each Bank account numbers-passwords , Web log in username-password, credit card numbers and their PINs, etc... This trendy wallet application manage all your data on one click. It also sync your data with drop box securely. Helps when you switch your smartphones. Some of best features are listed below

  • Online Dropbox Backup
  • One tap to copy any detail
  • Available in desktop version as well.

4. ConvertPad - Unit Converter
Its Universal Unit Converter and Calculator application. It has many units to convert given information you have ever imagined or know about. Some of best features are listed below

  • Real-time conversion and calculation
  • Unit Comparison Table
  • Direct Arithmetic Calculation
  • Currency conversions - Option for selecting favorite exchange rate,Support 160+ Currencies.
  • Multiple languages support - Supports 24 languages,Supports 2 preferences as primary & secondary language.
  • Steam tables - Thermodynamic Steam tables

5. Jorte Calendar
With android calendar you have to deal with many bugs like wrong date, occurrence of events, etc... Here is the best application help you to sync with Google account to import your events and manage your day to day reminders. Some of best features are listed below

  • Monthly or weekly views.
  • Modify color combinations.
  • Import national holidays data and set your own optional holidays.
  • Import from or Export to a CSV file.
  • Available in desktop version as well.

Its best application based on my experience. If you have other cool applications to work around comment it here and let explore it by others.